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Bird Baths and Water Products

Most birds find a clean reliable source of water essential for life. This is one thing all birds share a common need for drinking. They need it drinking and for bathing. Baths promote preening and oiling feathers which keeps them in tip top shape, greatly increasing the survival of the bird. From the smallest hummingbird to large hawks, water attracts birds as well as food. With the appropriate shelter, food and water, birds are more frequent visitors to your yard, and reside and nest nearby.

All of our bird baths and water products are field tested. We advocate providing shallow water for birds and making sure the water is fresh and clean. For those reasons, almost all our baths are no more than 1 and 1/2 inches deep. Any deeper and the perching birds that cannot swim will not be able to use them. Our baths can be equipped with specialized water products - misters, drippers and “Water Wigglers” - to activate and keep the water fresh. Still standing water promotes mosquito and bacterial growth, neither of which is desirable.

Porous materials; like concrete, mortar, marble dust conglomerates, are hard materials but difficult to keep clean, algae free and free of unwanted microorganisms. We offer baths that are made of nonporous and algae resistant metal, polypropylene (plastic), glazed ceramic, resin or glass. These materials are easily cleaned and disinfected or sterilized to provide safe clean water for the birds.

Large Terra Cotta Bird Bath with Pedestal

Metallic silver/bronze glaze pictured, other glazes available.

Large 19” diameter bowl sits atop 24” high stand.  

$99.99   #1147

Tiny Talavera Birdbaths

$79.99 #1352

In store only

Double dish ceramic birdbath with wrought iron stand

$125.99 #1329

In store only

Alcyon Circles Bird Bath

This hanging bird bath is made in the U.S.A. 

It is constructed of porcelain stoneware and is available in a cobalt blue color.

The glaze covers both interior and exterior surfaces.

The interior surface features concentric circles.

This bath is as durable as it is attractive.  

$49.99   #1322

Audubon Hanging Bird Bath

Manufactured in Iowa by Woodlink, this bath features a 12” diameter, poly-resin bath with a powder-coated black steel hanging chain.

A beautiful image of a Great Heron decorates the interior of the bath.

Audubon Hanging Bird Bath - $26.99   #1301

Four Seasons Ground Bath

This model was originally designed by Avian Aquatics and featured rugged epoxy-resin construction with the look of natural materials allowing it to blend in with your backyard landscape. Farm Innovators bought out Avian Aquatics and improved this model by installing a hidden heating element and plug-in that stores in a secret compartment on the underside of this model. When freezing temperatures threaten to render your birdbath useless to birds, just plug this model in and birds can use the temperate water even in the coldest of weather – and they will! While it may prove helpful during our coldest winter weather here in Arizona, this bath will be appreciated even more so in the more northerly locations throughout North America. Here in Arizona, it will be well used throughout the year with features such as a textured surface for a non-slip surface and its shallow depth. My quail love using this bath at ground level and I almost never see them use elevated bird baths. Economically priced, too.  

$74.99   #1290

Hanging Glass Bird Bath

A beautiful, colorful glass bird bath featuring images of hummingbirds, suspended with a durable hanging chain. This model will provide a handsome addition to grace your backyard bird sanctuary and provide birds with fresh water for drinking and bathing.

$34.99   #1284

Bird Bath Raft

This ingenious, and inexpensive, device turns any container into a floating bird bath. Its shallow depth, 1 ½”, is the perfect depth for all our backyard birds. Even large hawks can successfully bathe in this shallow amount of water. If you already have a deep bath and want to make it safe for birds to actually bath in, just drop a raft in! It floats! This is a one-of-a-kind, innovative product that actually protects birds while providing the perfect depth of water. It’s simple and simple to use. UVstable materials for many years of use.

Made in the U.S.A.

14-1/4” diameter.

$12.99   #1272

Bird Waterer

This item is designed to allow birds to sip from a fresh supply of clean water every time.

Its blue-hued glass reservoir is reminiscent of a Mason canning jar.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Easy for small birds to use.

7-1/2” tall.  

$26.99   #1274

Lily Bird Bath

This handsome full-size bird bath is created from cast resin to give the appearance of antique copper.

Bath mounts onto fully dimensional pedestal which sits atop an elegant, wide base for stability.

The hollow pedestal can be filled with sand or dirt to increase its base weight and give it maximum stability.

Base will sit flat on brick, cement or tile surfaces.

If located on dirt or grass, ground stakes are included.

40” tall with a 28” diameter bath.  

$44.99   #1273

Economy Bamboo Bird Bath

Bamboo is becoming a very popular material to use in the manufacture of many contemporary items from flooring, to kitchen utensils, to building materials, to fabric and clothing, and host of other uses. It is far superior to plastics. Plastics take over 200 years to decompose in landfills, while bamboo decomposes in about 6 months in a landfill. Bamboo is a renewable resource – it grows at the phenomenal rate of two feet per day. This bamboo bird bath is crafted using natural binders and vegetable dye. This model’s color is described as Eggplant. It comes with a galvanized hanger that is rust-proof with a 2” hook attached for easy hanging. Projected life span is at least 5 years.

It features a textured bottom for easy gradual descent and the center of the bowl is elevated 2” for birds to perch on. It has a 16” diameter bowl.  

$32.99   #1266

Talavera Birdbaths

We have new Talavera birdbaths that are very colorful while still being practical and functional.

Bowls and pedestals are separate units, making filling and cleaning a quick and easy job.

The larger baths have wider bowls, taller pedestals, and have talavera bird figurines perching on the rim.

Large - $225.00   # 1148

Small - $159.99   # 1132

Pebble Base Ivy Leaf Dripper

From Bird’s Choice comes this handsome and practical new water feature. This beautiful dripper will function in any bird bath and the quiet steady dripping action will be very attractive, alluring, and interesting for birds to investigate and ultimately enjoy.

Green patina finish on the ivy leafs and naturalistic red patina on the trumpet-shaped flower, both of which are affixed  to the copper tube dripper.

Comes with a very fine regulator, extra tubing, faucet adapter and couplings as an all inclusive, easy to assemble kit.

$59.99   #1221

Ivy Leaf Dripper

Made in Wisconsin by one of our favorite manufacturer’s, Bird Choice, this water feature works with virtually any birdbath. It sets the standard for beauty and elegance while upholding the highest degree of practicality, functionality, and water conservation.

Decorative copper vines and flowers conceal the ¼” water tubing. It comes complete with Y valve faucet connector, water tubing, and water regulator. It can be finitely adjusted to any setting, from a steady stream to one drop every two seconds.

Activated water attracts birds much better than standing water and this water feature will lend grace and style to any backyard bird station.

$61.99   #1150

Talavera Bird Baths

These are very beautiful, practical and functional ceramic baths that are colorfully hand-decorated and feature talavera birds resting on the rims.

Each model is unique, made in Mexico and the accompanying photos are typical samples of these bird baths.

$139.99   #1132

NOTE: Our inventory changes quicly on these birdbaths. If you are interested please call us and we'll tell you what is available and we can take a picture with our mobile device and send to you.

Aqua Green Ceramic Bird Bath / Indigo Ceramic Bird Bath

Both of these baths feature beautiful glazed finishes. (Shown above)

Designed to be simple and functional.

  • Aqua bath is $60.00   #1133
  • Indigo bath is $80.00   #1134

New Line of Ceramic Birdbaths

We’ve discovered a new source for ceramic birdbaths that have proven popular with our customers in the first week we’ve had them on display. They are short models that can be put on the ground directly or on a table. Under 8” tall, the base sits on a pedestal that color matches the glaze of the bowl. Comes is a variety of earth colors. The ceramic material is considerable thicker than most others so is therefore more durable. The bowls are shallow enough that even juvenile quail can easily use them. 16” diameter bowl   

$49.99   #1166

Ceramic Birdbaths with Wrought Iron Stands

We have two models of this style, both featuring a decorative black wrought iron stand (pedestal). The bowls are heavy duty, thick ceramic glazed in earth colors.

The smaller model has a 14” diameter bath and stands 14” tall. 14” $45.99   #1167

The larger model has a 16” diameter bowl and stands 16” tall. 16” $59.99  #1168

14” Diameter Ground Bird Bath

Newly designed by Justin, this model features a hand-crafted inland incense cedar structure that contains a 14” bird bath and is 9” tall.

The bath is available in terra cotta or green finish and is constructed of tough, durable UV-stable poly material.

Ground baths are used by nearly all birds and provide daily fresh water for quail and other species that may not use elevated baths as easily.

$49.99   #1155

17” Diameter Standing Bird Bath with Plant Stand

Newly designed by Justin, this 17” diameter bath model is a taller version of the ground bath, standing 25” tall.

Additionally, it has a slotted platform shelf built-in underneath the bath itself.

This shelf can house a potted plant, a quail block, etc.

$129.99   #1156

Standing Hummingbird Glass Couple Birdbath

This beautiful birdbath is elegant in its simplicity and colorful depiction of a hummingbird couple. Comes with a wide-legged metal stand for extra stability. A similar birdbath featuring a single hummer on the same stand is also available.

Made by Evergreen products.

$89.99   #1086

Droplet Bird Waterer

Recently revised and improved from an earlier version, this is a self-filling drinker for birds.

Holds several days of fresh water.

Hang near a birdbath and watch birds bathe in the bath and drink from the waterer.

This is a more hygienic means to providing drinking water for our feathered friends.

Made in Pennsylvania by Perky Pet Products.  

$13.99   #990a

Hummingbird Beauty Glass Birdbath

This is without a doubt the most beautiful birdbath we have ever offered to our customers.

Yet, it is practical and functional at the same time.

$89.99 (Item #1074)

Hanging Birdbaths

Manufactured in Chilton, Wisconsin by Bird’s Choice – These colorful birdbaths are made from UV stable acrylic, will last a lifetime, and are guaranteed to do so. They come in three color choices – red, yellow or clear. Add a splash of color to your yard and attract some colorful birds at the same time.

All models are priced at $37.99
Red #988
Yellow #992
Clear #991

Erva Bird Baths

Erva is a Chicago based manufacturer of quality metal backyard bird products. They use American steel and American labor to produce their sturdy, long lasting products. Remember…buying USA made products supports American families while reducing our carbon footprint. All painted steel products are powder coated, producing baths and poles that we have used for the past twenty plus years in our own feeding stations. They have not rusted or faded in color in decades of use! The only thing that needs replacing are the plastic liners for the baths, about once every ten years or so.

Patio Bath
With a green polypropylene bathing dish that is 17 inches wide, 1½ inches deep and standing 30 inches tall, Erva Patio Bath is the largest Erva bird bath. No need to dig a hole with this attractive and simple green powder coated steel bath. It stands alone – elegant in its simplicity! 


Stem Bath with Leaves
Erva Stem Bath with decorative leaves provides a 17 inch wide, 1-1/2 inch deep bathing dish on a pole mount. When placed so that the step (second leg) is just under ground level, it is amazingly stable, holding up to our summer monsoon winds. It stands 33 inches above ground. Green powder coated steel pole mount, with a green polypropylene dish. Elegant, yet simple, practical and functional.

Wire Pole Mount Bath
The simple and effective Erva Wire Pole Mount Bath includes a simple pole mount and a 14 inch diameter dish insert. The step on the 30” tall in ground pole mount enables it to hold up to high winds. Black powder coated 3/8” steel pole mount with a green polypropylene dish.


Patio Bath
$84.99 (Item # 237)

Stem Bath with Leaves
$49.99 (Item # 236)

Wire Pole Mount Bath
$29.99 (Item # 696)

Hanging Bath
Erva Hanging Bath is green, powder coated steel with a 14” diameter polypropylene dish insert. Hangs easily from any of our S Hooks.

$43.99 (Item #238)

Clamp On Bath
Erva Clamp On Bath securely affixes to a porch, deck, wrought iron, fence railing or window sill. Green powder coated steel with a 14” diameter polypropylene dish insert.

$43.99 (Item #239)

Screw Mount Bath
Screw this versatile bird bath into any wooden pole, post, building or vertical surface. With the use of scrw anchors this bath can be afixed to brick, block, stone, morter and stuccoc sufraces. Green powder coated steel with a 14” polypropylene dish insert.

$43.99 (Item #240)

Ground Level Bath
Standing 3” above ground on three legs, this bath is easily accessible to all birds that are accustomed to finding water on the ground. We like watching the newly hatched Gambel’s Quail drinking from it. Green powder coated steel with a 14” plastic dish insert.

$43.99 (Item #241)

Bird Bath Protector

Quite a few customers have inquired about what they can do to keep their birdbath water clean and fresh. We always recommend changing the water daily and wiping the bowl out with a sponge before refilling. However, circumstances may prevent us from diligently doing this chore daily. So, we now stock a safe-for-birds product to assist in this effort. Bird Bath Protector ensures naturally clear water without the use any harsh or harmful chemicals.

If you want to spend less time cleaning your bath, this natural enzyme product may be what you’ve been looking for. It’s non-toxic and safe for birds, pets and other wildlife. It prevents stains, sludge, mineral deposits and organic contamination.

Use as directed for best results. This concentrated product is absolutely safe, biodegradable, bacteria free and is composed of food grade enzymes, trace minerals and water enhancing agents.

Comes in a 4 ounce bottle.

$8.99 (Item #891)

Gardman Ceramic Bath
Heavy duty stoneware is glazed in cobalt blue to meet the strict standards of the British Birdcare Standards Association. The bath can be either hung or simply placed on the ground in your garden. It is frost resistant and comes with a heavy duty galvanized chain. It is a decorative and functional addition to any feeding/bathing station. 

$22.99 (Item #605)

Waterer and Birdbath
Made of quality polycarbonate, First Nature Waterer and Birdbath holds enough water for several days, which stays fresh and clean in a large reservoir above the water trays. It is equipped for hanging and pole mounting on a 4 x 4 post. It features four separate water areas to enable more birds to use it simultaneously and decrease competition. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

$23.99 (Item #254)

Rocky Mountain Dripping Spring is a ground bath. It comes equipped with a copper dripper and all the parts you need to hook it up to your outside water faucet. Made of molded, UV stable resin, it is cast from a mold created from real rocks. When placed on the ground, it blends in with your landscape. Birds are accustomed to bathing on the ground where Mother Nature supplies them with water.

$99.99 (Item #175)

Whitehall Bird Baths. We discovered these very attractive and functional bird baths recently when we were searching for affordable, practical and shallow birdbaths made in the USA. These are cast metal baths, 15 inches in diameter, with 24 inch long hanging chains and have either a copper or bronze color. They are available in either a butterfly or dragonfly pattern with bas relief patina surfaces for non-slip grip by the birds. Beautiful and durable.

Bronze Dragonfly (Shown)- $51.99 #670
Copper Dragonfly - $51.99 #669

Copper Butterfly (Shown) - $51.99 #667
Bronze Butterfly - $51.99 #668

Pick a color

Ceramic “Spice” Hanging Bird Bath

This is a medium size birdbath with solid steel hanging rods that offer more stability than chains. It is the ideal depth for all birds to use. Comes with a decorative figurine that sits on the rim of the basin.

Made by Ancient Graffiti.

$49.99   #655

Blue Ceramic Bird Bath by Ancient Graffiti

This is a small, yet practical and functional, birdbath that exemplifies elegance through simplicity.

Steel wire stand is 18.5” tall. Offers a wire perch off of bowl rim.

$33.99   #656

Copper Coated Steel Bird Bath – Made by Ancient Graffiti, a Middlebury, Vermont company known for its innovative design concepts. This bath is very practical and functional yet elegant in its simplicity. It features a handmade copper-coated steel bowl that has a large 21”diameter. The depth of the bowl is shallow at 1½” deep. It sits atop a three legged pedestal for real stability.

$74.99  #184

Copper Butterfly Birdbath & Pedestal – Made by Whitehall products in Michigan. Last month we introduced the Tucson community to Whitehall’s hanging birdbaths. They are very decorative but very usable by birds. The butterfly and plant motif creates a bas relief surface with hints of green patina, both in the bowl and the pedestal. The bowl has a 15” diameter with 1½” depth. The pedestal measures 9” wide and 23” high. Comes with ground stakes (if needed) and a hanging chain (for extra versatility.

$89.99   #592

Copper Bird Baths/Feeders – Made by Whithall. These very attractive and small little gems can be used either as a feeder or a small bath. Designed like the larger butterfly bath, these bowls sit atop a single steel rod pedestal which screws into the bottom of the bowl. We have two models in stock. One features a little copper chickadee and the other has a copper dragonfly perched on the rim.

$29.99    (Item #58)

Water Products

These devices are not only practical and functional; they also provide pure enjoyment at your bath or feeding station. Action is the key. Activated water is more attractive to birds. Mosquitoes are not likely to lay eggs in moving water. Keep your birdbath water fresh and moving. Most of these products can be attached to a timer if you wish to conserve water.

Universal Dripper
Erva produces its Universal Dripper at its Chicago facility. As its name states, this dripper will fit any birdbath. Attached to your outdoor water spigot or garden hose, the water is reduced to a slow drip. The drips produce concentric “waves” in the bird bath. Birds find activated water is much more attractive, welcoming and exciting for most bird species. No electricity is needed – it operates on the least amount of water pressure.  It includes: a stainless steel drip tube and bath hook, a drip control valve, 50’ of durable ¼” PVC UV resistant tubing, a tap “Y” valve, a screen filter that protects the valve, and a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

$44.99 (Item #252)

Avian Dripper
Avian Dripper is placed in the center of your birdbath by means of its decorative pebble base. It works much like the Universal Dripper listed above. Attached to your tap by a “Y” valve, you can regulate the flow down to a drip via the specially designed regulating valve. Avian Dripper includes: 50’ of 1/4 “ tubing, pebble base, dripper tube and fitting, regulating valve, 1/4 “ tube to garden hose adapter, “Y” valve and 2 elbows.

$55.99 (Item #250)

Water Wiggler
Water Wiggler is a device that agitates the water in your birdbath. Silently powered by two D cell batteries, it creates continuous ripples in the water surface, preventing mosquitoes from laying their eggs and reducing the spread of mosquito born viruses. It runs 24 hours a day for a full season on one set of batteries.

Comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Batteries not included.

$38.99 (Item #603)

Songbird Spa Easy Mister
Have you ever seen a hummingbird bathe in the mist from your hose while you are watering your garden? Hummers and other birds are attracted by a fine mist. We set one up in a small tree outside our dining room window. Hummers, wrens, finches, woodpeckers, thrashers, goldfinches, gnatcatchers, towhees and more hang out in the cool mist all summer long. Attached directly to a garden hose set to low pressure, the water use is small, the birds are relieved of the summer’s heat and we are very happy to see them up close. Be sure to protect any mister from freezing in the winter.

$19.99 (Item #73)

Junior Mister
Misting simulates a gentle rain shower and is best when used to wet leaves of a small tree or shrub which you can easily view. Water mists from the nozzle and drips from the wet leaves. If you place a birdbath under the tree or shrub, dripping water creates the ripples that birds find so intriguing. Junior mister includes: 25’ of 1/4“ vinyl tubing, garden hose or faucet adaptor, mister nozzle and three reusable Velcro straps.

$22.49 (Item #249)

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