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Nyjer seed is a tiny black bird seed cultivated in Africa and Asia. Used for over 40 years as a seed for wild birds, it is attractive to goldfinches, House finches, Purple finches, Pine siskins and redpolls. Given a choice between Nyjer and black oil sunflowers, the Goldfinches prefer Nyjer because it is much higher in calories and protein. We find that feeding Nyjer seed is the only way to assure the everyday presence of Lesser goldfinches at our home feeding station in Tucson. Sometimes we see American goldfinch and Lawrence’s goldfinch, but they are much rarer in the southwest than the diminutive Lesser.

People often call Nyjer seed “thistle,” but in reality, it is not thistle at all. Thistle is a noxious weed, capable of invading huge fields of agricultural land that produces purple to pink ball-shaped flower heads with spiny tipped bracts. Nyjer seed (Guizotia abyssinica) is a cultivated high calorie, high protein edible oil seed that produces a yellow daisy-like flower.

Nyjer seed is heated before importation primarily to keep any other invasive seed that may come in with Nyjer from spreading in this country. Even in the very rare instance that you find a live seed that is able to sprout under your feeder, you can simply pull the yellow flowered herb and have no worries about it spreading.

We highly recommend presenting Nyjer in a specialized feeder that discourages birds other than the intended feeder birds, i.e. Goldfinches, from feeding. Keeping a Nyjer seed feeder well supplied is a recipe for successful goldfinch feeding. Part of the goldfinch strategy to avoid predators is that they establish a few birds that watch for birds like Cooper’s hawks from nearby perches while the main body of the flock feeds. For this reason, a full thistle feeder that allows as many goldies to feed at one time as possible is much more successful than one with only enough seed left to feed one or two birds. Wild Bird Store Nyger Seed

Nyjer Seed Feeders
The feeders that hold Nyjer seed are generally tube feeders. In many cases, a cylindrical tube dispenses the tiny black seed to small feeding ports (holes). A good Nyjer seed feeder of this type includes a seed diverter in the bottom of the feeder to assure that the seeds supply the bottommost port until the feeder is empty.

Nyjer Tube Feeders

Onyx Thistle Feeders for Goldfinches

Manufactured by Droll Yankee, in Connecticut.

Droll has a nation-wide reputation for consistently designing some of the highest quality birding products to be found, anywhere!

These two models are truly top-of-the-line products.

They feature patented magnet mesh, easy to fill and clean, features a quick release base, can be hung or pole mounted, looks both beautiful and elegant, and will quickly become your goldfinches’ favorite Nyjer thistle feeder.

All high quality Droll Yankee products carry lifetime warranties.

12” tall model is $48.99,   #1245

18” tall model is $55.99,  #1246

Bird Lover’s Red 15” Finch Feeder.

Made by Droll Yankee of Connecticut.

Standard size tube feeder, especially for finches.  

$17.99   #755

Clever Clean Magnet Mesh Nyjer Mesh Thistle Feeder.

This newest model from Bird’s Choice is a very sturdy, lifetime guaranteed, very handsome yellow feeder for goldfinches.

With die-cast lid and base and their patented magnet mesh, this feeder has a one quart capacity.

Sure to become a goldfinch’s favorite. $44.99   #1233

Clever Clean Magnet Mesh Nyjer Mesh Thistle Feeder.

Same as above but with a quart and a half capacity.   

$54.99   #1234

Large Nyjer Thistle Seed Tube Feeder

This Aspects UV stable polycarbonate tube feeder features a larger capacity than their other Nyjer feeders and has their patented “quick-clean base”. As with all Aspects products, it is hand-made in Rhode Island and comes with their unconditional lifetime guarantee. Can be hung or pole-mounted. This feeder is available in two color finishes, spruce green or polished nickel. It also comes with vinyl perch covers which gives birds a more comfortable and easy-to-grip perch.

Spruce - $51.99   #993
Nickel - $51.99   #994

Aspects Nyjer Mesh feeder

The newest, revised design for dispensing thistle to goldfinches.

Has all the features of the previous models, including a stainless steel mesh screen.

Hang from the bail hanger or pole mount.

This model comes in burgundy red color and now has a quick-clean base and removable seed dispenser.

It has a one and one quarter quart capacity.

This is the best model made by Aspects, which generally makes the best line of feeders.

All Aspects models carry their famous Lifetime Guarantee.

Made in Rhode Island.

$49.99   #1099

Magnet Mesh Nyjer Thistle Feeders – Made by Birds Choice in Wisconsin. Constructed in all metal with a yellow powder-coated finish on top and bottom, with a black seed screen, and looped wire hanger attached. These feeders carry a lifetime guarantee. The manufacturer claims that tests prove this patented mesh is safest for birds and will attract up to double the number of birds than other meshes. Comes in small (1-1/4 quart capacity) and large (2-1/4 quart capacity).

Small $28.99 (Item #108)
Large $38.99 (Item #109)

Finches Favorite Nyjer Thistle Feeder - Made by Songbird Essentials in Mexico, Mo.

This is a triple tube Nyjer thistle feeder that accommodates 24 goldfinches at a time. The birds can use this feeder either upside-down or right-side up as the food ports are equally spaced between the perches. 

Fully assembled and ready to hang.

Measures 25” x 14” x 3”

Red Caps

$34.99 (Item #736)

Finches Favorite Nyjer Thistle Feeder - Made by Songbird Essentials in Mexico, Mo.

This is a triple tube Nyjer thistle feeder that accommodates 24 goldfinches at a time. The birds can use this feeder either upside-down or right-side up as the food ports are equally spaced between the perches. 

Fully assembled and ready to hang.

Measures 25” x 14” x 3”

Copper Caps

$47.99 (Item #663)

Bird Lovers Nyjer Feeder is manufactured by Droll Yankees in the USA of durable UV stable polycarbonate. The 15 inch long UV stable, clear rigid tube sends Nyjer seed to small feeding ports that hold the seed in place. A bottom seed diverter, a steel bail for hanging, a threaded base to allow pole mounting, attractive colors of the top and bottom of this feeder, and a modest price, make Bird Lovers Nyjer Feeders a great starter feeder for children and adults. Available in red, blue and yellow. These feeders are the standard tube feeders that have traditionally fed goldfinches (and other finches) for generations. Please specify color when ordering.

$15.99 (Item #765)

Bottoms Up Nyjer Feeders

This grouping of Nyjer tube feeders places the feeding ports (holes) underneath the perches. Goldfinches easily and readily hang upside down to feed on these tube feeders. House finches, while they can momentarily hang upside down, have difficulty using these feeders. If offered the choice of feeding upright, House finches take the opportunity to do so – even if the upright feeder holds millet or sunflower seed, or a mix with these seeds in it. For this reason, Bottoms Up Nyjer feeders are considered species-specific… ONLY Goldfinches and Pine siskins invited!

Bird Lovers Bottoms Up Feeder offers small sized holes underneath the perches to dispense Nyjer economically – birds must pull the seed out. UV stable polycarbonate materials hold up to Arizona summertime high temperatures. A seed diverter keeps the seed within easy reach of the birds. Made in the USA by reputable Droll Yankees, one of the best and oldest New England companies that specialize in manufacturing bird feeders.. Yellow only.

Two sizes available:

15” Bird Lovers Bottoms Up Feeder        

$17.99 (Item #115) Shown

23” Bird Lovers Bottoms Up Feeder  

$25.99 (Item #116)

Deluxe Bottoms Up Feeder offers everything that the Bird Lovers Bottoms Up Feeder does…and more. The UV stable polycarbonate tube is thicker and stronger. The top and bottom of the feeder are made of powder coated die cast zinc for durability. Droll Yankees donates a portion of the cost of this product to causes that support wild birds and their habitats. Can be hung or pole mounted using the Droll Yankee pole adapter. Comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against squirrel damage. Yellow only.

Three sizes available:

16” Deluxe Bottoms Up Feeder

$33.99 (Item #52)

23” Deluxe Bottoms Up Feeder

$39.99 (Item #53) Shown

Green Solutions Feeders

Green Solutions feeders are a branch of Songbird Essentials, in Mexico, Missouri. We’ve been dealing with SE for over twenty years and their new division specializes in economically priced recycled feeders exclusively. All their products have been recycled from used plastic containers and given new life, with lifetime guarantees, as bird feeding products. Their mesh feeders feature what they call Magnet Mesh. They claim it is the safest metal mesh on the market and that goldfinches    prefer it. The black mesh also contrasts with yellow goldfinches making viewing easier. All their feeders are designed for easy use and cleaning. All come with built-in hangers and are green in color – living up to their full reputation as “green products”.

Nyjer Thistle Tube Feeder

12” tall, holds approximately 1-1/2lb Nyjer thistle seed. Features recycled materials and magnet mesh for goldfinches. Comes with vinyl enclosed stainless steel hanger and easy open top.

$21.99   (Item #672)

Small Nyjer Thistle Feeder

This rectangular feeder is 7” high and feeds birds from two sides. The magnet mesh pulls up and out of the feeder for easy cleaning. Same recycled materials and hanger. Holds approximately 1-1/2 lbs.

$21.99  (Item #673)

Large Nyjer Thistle Feeder

Identical to the smaller feeder described above. Holds approximately 2 to 2-1/2lbs. 11” high. Both rectangular feeders feature easy opening tops.

$25.99   (Item #674)

Mesh Nyjer Feeders

Mesh Nyjer feeders are some of the most popular Nyjer seed feeders in our store. They hold the seed well, allowing many birds to feed simultaneously from any position. They are attractive to goldfinches, house finches, pine siskins, juncos, purple finches, buntings and titmice. The seed holding tube is made of wire, usually stainless steel mesh. In most mesh feeders the top and bottom are also made of die cast metal. We have a few varieties that have a top and bottom made of UV stable optical quality acrylic. There are two models constructed of metal mesh screen and sturdy poly lumber (made from recycled plastic jugs and bottles.)

Magnum Nyjer Feeders are well made mesh Nyjer feeders that come in 3 models:

Mini Magnum Nyjer Feeder holds 1 pint of seed, and offers a metal top, tray and bail, and vinyl coated metal mesh screen. 

Steel Magnum Nyjer Feeder holds 1 gallon of seed, and is a larger version of the Mini Magnum Feeder above.

Magnum Mesh Nyjer Feeder holds 4 quarts of seed, and offers a polycarbonate top and bottom tray with a vinyl coated metal mesh tube. Made in the USA.

$14.99 (Item #709)

$54.99 (Item #708)

$26.99 (Item #585)

Pick One


Forever Mesh Nyjer Feeders are colorful additions to your backyard feeding station. They feature stainless steel screen tubes and colorful molded durable acrylic top and bottom trays. Made in USA.

Forever 1 Quart Feeder comes in 4 colors with a manufacturer’s 3 year warranty. A center seed diverter makes every seed available to the birds. Drain holes in the base keep the seed dry.

Yellow Forever
1 Quart Nyjer Feeder
Red Forever
1 Quart Nyjer Feeder
Orange Forever
1 Quart Nyjer Feeder
Clear Forever
1 Quart Nyjer Feeder

$19.99 (Item #147)

$19.99 (Item #148)

$19.99 (Item #149)

$19.99 (Item #461)

Pick One

Forever 3 Quart Nyjer Feeders come in four colors. They come with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. In addition to the features in the Forever 1 Quart Nyjer Feeders above, they offer six removable perching stations.

Smoky Forever
3 Quart Nyjer Feeder
Red Forever
3 Quart Nyjer Feeder
Green Forever
3 Quart Nyjer Feeder

Clear Forever
3 Quart Nyjer Feeder

$53.99 (Item #172)

$53.99 (Item #443)

$53.99 (Item #460)

$53.99 (Item #462)

Pick One

Magnet Mesh Nyjer Feeders are a “green” product – they feature bright yellow 5/8 inch poly lumber made from recycled plastic bottles and jugs.  Constructed of magnet mesh screen, they offer easy feeding by goldfinches, house finches, juncos, purple finches, siskins, indigo buntings and titmice. They will also hold small sunflower chips. Made in the USA.

Small Magnet Mesh Nyjer Feeder is 11” tall and holds 1-1/4 pounds of Nyjer.

$32.99 (Item #167)

Large Magnet Mesh Nyjer Feeder  is 21” tall and holds 2-1/2 pounds of Nyjer.

$43.99 (Item #168)

Nyjer Seed Socks

“Thistle” socks are one of the oldest ways of feeding Nyjer seed to birds. Ours are made in the USA and of superlative materials to others we have seen that are made elsewhere. Nyjer seed socks are not lifetime feeders by any means. If we hang and use one for a few months, that’s about all we expect from a sock made of a fabric with a loose enough weave to dispense Nyjer seed. Socks require frequent washing to prevent the spread of bird ailments. Keep an eye on the sock for potential fraying that can trap a bird’s claws. The black color of our sock not only looks attractive out in your landscape, it also “pops” the color of the goldfinches feeding on it.

Finch Magic Thistle Socks come in two sizes:

Small Finch Magic Sock length is 10-1/2 inches. (Pictured)

$3.99 (Item #548)


Large Finch Magic Sock length is 16-1/2 inches. (Pictured)

$6.99 (Item #535)

Super Jumbo Finch Magic Thistle Sock (Not Pictured)

Announcing the largest thistle sock yet. 23” tall and holding a full 2 pounds of Nyjer thistle, this sock is made from heavy-duty fabric that out performs the skimpier fabric mesh sold elsewhere. Black in color so our beautiful goldfinches stand out in contrast. This sock can accommodate 18 – 24 goldfinches. Locking drawstring also serves as a hanger.

$7.99 (Item #549)

Jumbo Finch Magic Thistle Sock

Previously available only in black and white, Songbird Essentials now introduces to the market this gold colored goldfinch feeder.

Not designed as a permanent long-term feeder, this hand sewn feeder is ideal for those who can use a temporary and disposable for relatively short-term use, i.e. a summer vacation trip, etc. Fabric mesh feeders are attractive and low-cost but do require regular weekly cleaning as they will otherwise become harbingers for clinging bacteria. Clean once a week.

Average lifespan, depending upon use and other circumstances should be two to three months.

Made in Mexico, Missouri.

$6.99    #1047

Small White Thistle Sock holds about one pound.

$3.99 (Item #192)

Large White Thistle Sock holds about two pounds.

$6.99 (Item #190)

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